At Golden Pig & Co we love this time of the year. On the eighth full moon of the Lunar Year falls the Mid Autumn Festival and this year it is celebrated on 4th October, the night where the moon is at its brightest. 

In China and Hong Kong, this holiday is similar to Thanksgiving where families will gather together and eat, whilst enjoying the beauty of the full moon. Many children will make or receive colourful lanterns, lighting up public parks and beaches. There is a real feeling of family and fun. 

Mooncakes are the key treat given to family at this time. They're awesome, traditional Chinese pastries, filled with a sweet paste. Like most traditional food, mooncakes have been given a modern twist, with even Haagen-Dazs and Starbucks experimenting with the recipe. We truly believe that everyone should be able to enjoy mooncakes, and that is why we have found an easy, gluten-free skinned mooncake recipe for you to try at home from KirbieCravings. Enjoy!