five incredible benefits of coriander


Love it or hate it, coriander has some amazing health benefits that even the toughest coriander critics shouldn't take lightly. Known as a powerful detoxifying herb, the reasons to eat coriander are plentiful and we have broken it down for you to the most impressive five benefits.

Health benefits of coriander include:

Anti-allergic Properties

With strong antihistamine properties, coriander reduces the undesirable effects of allergies and hay fever. Sufferers can use coriander oils as a means to reduce allergy severity; preventing anaphylaxis, hives and dangerous swelling of the throat and airways.

Diabetes Control

Coriander stimulates the endocrine glands, increasing the secretion of insulin by the pancreas and thus increasing insulin in the blood. When there is increased insulin in the bloodstream, there is a resultant drop in blood sugar levels as sugar is absorbed. This is important for diabetes sufferers as it reduces the likelihood of dangerous spikes and helps to maintain normal metabolic functions.

Clears Up Skin Disorders

Coriander is amazing for treating skin disorders as it has disinfecting, detoxifying, antiseptic, antifungal and antioxidant properties. These properties are particularly effective for skin disorders such as fungal infections, eczema and general skin dryness.

Protects Bones

Coriander is a rich source of calcium, with the highest levels of calcium found in the centre of the leaf. As many studies have shown, calcium plays an important role in maintaining and improving bone health; especially for bone regrowth, durability and the prevention of osteoporosis.  

Assists Digestion

The rich aroma of coriander oils assists in the proper secretion of enzymes and digestive fluids in the stomach; thereby stimulating digestion and proper movement of the small and large intestine. Similarly, studies have found that by adding coriander to one’s diet, there is a reduction in the symptoms of indigestion. 

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