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Wendy, Lane Cove

Thank you so much for delivering the potstickers to my Mum last Friday. We had seven people to feed and the 50 pack went down a treat! I thankfully have a few leftover for dinner. The non coeliacs could not believe they were gluten free! The pastry was better than some wheat dumplings we've all tried. I think the favourite was spcied beef with ginger! I have signed up for your newsletter as will my GF cousins and cannot wait to see what else comes out of your wonderful kitchen!

THANKYOU SO MUCH for existing. I actually shed tears of joy after finding your dumplings and eating them last night and am going to find more today.

They usually sell out really quickly (at Terra Madre in Victoria) and I want to always always keep some around …

… THANKYOU THANKYOU THANKYOU for being delicious.

My favourite flavour is probably the beef and ginger but the pork ones are great too (and I "don't like" pork) and I found them thanks to the internet.

I'd seen them in Terra Madre before but never really gave them much of a look-in because GF dumplings have been sad things generally and are also usually 90% additives and weird ingredients.

It's hard to eat gluten free, lactose free and without pumping yourself full of thickeners and artificial stuff so I generally just cook and...these were like home cooked and a food I missed so much!

I'm struggling with the diet transition a bit and wound up desperately googling 'gluten free dumplings Melbourne' after watching friends eat at what used to be a favourite restaurant, links to you came up and I thought I'd track some down and give them a shot.

OMG, thank you so much for introducing me to the world of dumplings!
I've been GF for over 10 years and always wondered what the big dumpling loving was all about....
Now thanks to your product - I LOVE them!
Can't wait to try all the other flavors.

I went across to Terra Madre in Northcote on the weekend and bought the last 6 bags of pot stickers that they had.  Wow wow wow.. They are just amazing and so easy to cook. I am so happy right now.  I have been Coeliac my entire life and to be able to eat something as yummy as these.  Thank you.

I just wanted to say thank you so much for making these tasty golden treats. I'm gluten intolerant and have been searching for dumplings for years so was glad to come across these online and went to purchase a few packets. They turned out amazing and my non gluten intolerant boyfriend loved them and enjoyed them as much as I did! Thanks again! :) 

OMG Yum! You don't have to know how to cook Asian food, to make these Potstickers! I try and watch what I eat so I love that these are so clean and healthy ! Did I mention so tasty and easy to cook? Thanks Erika, I've shared your page with friends! Im currently having your Bone Broth, and your Beef Cheeks are for dinner!

I love how you can see and taste the fresh ingredients in each dumplings. The flavours are clean and tasty, not oily nor processed like the other prepared off the shelf variety. We are fans and our whole family loves them! Thank you Golden Pig for bringing wholesome convenient goodness to our dining table!

Vel, Ryde

Another successful dinner! My little one LOVES your new Chicken & Chives Gluten Free Dumplings. Your dumplings are pretty much the only preprepared dinner meal I know of which is gluten, wheat, dairy, egg, msg, tomato, pea, prawn and nut free! Thanks for creating such a yummy, healthy product.

Therese, Northern Beaches

I just wanted to say thank you to you and your husband for creating this amazing product.


Kerrin Cunningham, Castle Hill

Found you at Castle Hill Markets last Saturday. I was so excited as my son is gluten and dairy free. My first attempt at cooking the dumplings was today for lunch. Instructions were perfect. Delicious, crunchy base result. The kids loved them too. Thank you.

I am a total sucker for yum cha so when I ran into a stall like this you can imagine my excitemet. Not only are Golden Pig products gluten free but they 100% free from any crap!!!! Fast food that is delicious and made with real ingredients. These whole food asian products are the real deal, hand made by real people, amazingly passionate people at that. Do yourself a favour and try these... AMAZING!

Tamara, Newtown -
Mum of two kids one with celiac condition

As a mother with a child that has a severe allergic reaction to gluten and dairy I have never really given my son any foods that I didn't make myself as I didn't trust what was in them and couldn't afford the risk of a reaction. That was until I discovered Golden Pig dumplings.

The owners of the company are parents of a child who also has allergies so they understood the importance of ensuring there was no contamination and all the ingredients they used in the dumplings were only the best quality and free from allergens and preservatives.

It was so reassuring in this day and age to find a company that takes so much pride and care in the products they make. I have been ordering dumplings for over six months now and both my kids just love them.

I like them as they are so quick and easy to make. Being a working mum and short on time it has made my life so much easier on nights when I haven't had time to make dinner to quickly steam some dumplings and veggies and in 10 mins I have a quick, easy dinner that is nutritious, delicous and most importantly gluten and dairy free and safe for the whole family to enjoy.

I am happy to pay a premium for excellent quality foods that my family love as I know the ingredients in Golden Pig dumpings are only the best quality. For any mum with a child with an allergy you simply can't put a price on this reassurance.

Melanie Hansche,
Managing Editor, Donna Hay Magazine

I have known the duo behind Golden Pig both professionally and personally for over 15 years. Well acquainted with their love of cooking and hospitality, I have watched their food journey evolve with the birth of their daughter Jordyn, who has multiple food allergies. With their growing passion for real food, nutrition and organics, it comes as little surprise that they have dedicated themselves to the development of an ethical, organic and gluten-free range of dumplings. For a yum cha lover and food professional who has increasing reservations about the quality and source of ingredients in restaurant dumplings, I love the fact that this range is made with organic ingredients, including free-range, grass-fed and finished meat, and is both MSG and preservative-free. In a world where we care more about what is going into our food, I can make an informed choice to eat better (and tastier) dumplings. With easy-to-follow instructions, they're simple to prepare and pretty foolproof, too!

Dr Yin-Yin Teoh,
Sydney Holistic Dental Centre

As a mother, it can get so frustrating finding healthy ready made food for your children that isn't riddled with hidden sugars, preservatives and MSG. These Golden Pig dumplings are the next closest thing I can get to preparing my own nutrient dense food. Just by looking at the ingredients list, you can tell these guys understand the importance of food as nourishment for the body, not just a filler. On top of that, my kids love them!!

Annie, Coogee

I am so grateful for having discovered Golden Pig potstickers. We made them last night for the first time and they were AMAZING. We had the tofu & the beef, and even my coriander-phobic husband said he preferred the tofu ones. They were delicious, the instructions were clear and worked perfectly, and my daughter took the 2 remaining ones to school for recess. After a long day at work, the benefits (and luxury!) of being able to serve up fresh, gluten free wholefoods like this to the family, just can’t be underestimated. I served them with homemade chicken stock and Chinese veges in about 10 minutes.

Tess, Bondi Beach

My new favourite meal! YUM! Can't wait to pick some more up this weekend at Bondi Farmers Market on Saturday. Perfect finger food for my one year old too. Thanks Golden Pig!

Jo-Anne, Ryde

I love this product. Having never been a fan of frozen wonton or dumpling products, I was amazed at the difference you find with Golden Pig’s potstickers. They have the convenience of being a product you can cook straight from your freezer and secondly as opposed to other frozen Asian products the taste and texture of these potstickers remain fresh and not a "mushy mess", you find with others.

They are easy to prepare, tasty and being gluten free my stomach doesn’t swell up like it does when I eat other such products.

Nicola, Bondi Junction

It is wonderful to find a product that is quick and easy to prepare but also made from top quality ingredients and absolutely delicious.

We serve ours with Asian greens and dipping sauce and it makes for an easy scrumptious and nutritious meal.

Lyn, North Ryde

A quick and healthy teenager snack, a delightful entrée or add some salad or vegies and you have the main course. Versatile, value for money, and very, very delicious!