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At Golden Pig & Co we understand the importance of eating good, wholesome food made from ethically grown, local produce, and the nutritional benefits this has on our minds and bodies.

Our business was inspired by the birth of our youngest daughter, Jordyn. Born with multiple, life threatening allergies, by the time Jordyn was 18months, there was more foods she was allergic to than she could eat. We knew for Jordyn’s health, for our peace-of-mind, and for our sanity, there had to be another way. 

Over the past seven years, we have re-educated ourselves on all aspects of the food chain. From where it’s grown; how it’s fed; how it’s cooked to provide the best nutrition; and, even the impact it has on our gut and our digestive system. With our new found knowledge, we have seen Jordyn thrive and our family’s health also improved. 

The result of eating gluten-free, organic and free-range wherever possible, and avoiding foods that are overly processed and high in sugar and preservatives, has had a positive result on her health. Jordyn is now able to tolerate more foods and is a happier little girl. 

Jordyn was born in the Chinese Zodiac’s Year of the Golden Pig. According to Chinese folk lore, a child born in the Year of the Golden Pig will experience a prosperous and healthy life – it seemed only apt to name our allergy friendly business after what we strive for each and every day. 

Our life, and now our business, is committed to eating a nutrient-rich diet. Always. 



With most of us leading busy, modern lifestyles, it's easy for healthy eating habits to fall by the wayside in favour of convenience. With the time constraints of work, weekend, and after-school activities, it can be a challenge to find time to plan and cook meals let alone be wholesome and nutritious!

At Golden Pig & Co, we understand that dilemma. That's why we created allergy friendly, gluten-free finger food and dumplings, providing busy families with tasty, convenient real food which can be eaten on the run or as a wholesome meal. Little pockets of goodness with all the nutrition our bodies need for energy and healthy wellbeing.

We source our fresh, organic ingredients and fully grass-fed and free-range meat from local growers that use sustainable farming methods. Grown and farmed in this way means our gluten-free dumplings contain the highest nutritional value available in Australian produce – untainted.