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At Golden Pig & Co, we create tasty, convenient real food which can be eaten on the run or as a wholesome meal. Lovingly handmade from sustainable & organic ingredients. Stress free, fresh, nutritious and delicious food delivered to you.

We've put together some special offers for you below (hurry, offer expires on 31st AUG 2017).



Top 3 favourites from our customers:

- CHICKEN & LEMONGRASS (8pcs pack, 210g)
- PORK & SNOW PEA SPROUTS (8pcs pack, 220g)
- ORGANIC TOFU & CORIANDER (8pcs pack, 200g)

4 x Standard Pack of your choice of flavour/s

1 x Organic Tamari & Honey Dipping Sauce

[ Portions : 8 ]

Includes Shipping

$59.00 (value $84.00 - save $25)    

Specify Mix Favorites

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Assorted flavours to keep everyone happy!

5 x Standard pack of the following flavours:

- Chicken & Lemongrass - 8pcs
- Pork & Snow Pea Sprouts - 8pcs
- Beef & Bok Choy - 8pcs     
- Spiced Ginger Beef - 8pcs
- Organic Tofu & Coriander - 8pcs

1 x Organic Tamari & Honey Dipping Sauce

[ Portions : 12 ]

Includes Shipping

$69.00 (value $99 - save $30)

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Enjoy this moreish pack with family or the next dinner gathering.

3 x Standard Pack of the following flavours :

- Chicken & Lemongrass
- Pork & Snow Pea Sprouts
- Beef & Bok Choy

1 x Vietnamese Style Beef Bone Broth

1 x Turmeric & Lemongrass Chicken Bone Broth

1 x Organic Tamari & Honey Dipping Sauce

[ Portions : 6 - 8 ]
Includes Shipping

$69.00 (value $96 - save $27)


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